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Edgar Morin said that "by sacrificing the essential for the urgency, one forgets the urgency of the essential". After all, it takes very little to gain an experience whilst riding a bicycle. If that is what we desire, we can start bikepacking, making the most of all the spaces and using all the fixing points offered by the frame becomes normal. However, this is where we need to be clever. Travel light and safely. The essentials. Less is more. And the "more" becomes something not just referring to the load capacity. More roads, more encounters, more silence ...



A series of accessories developed to enjoy your riding adventures in total freedom. From training days to bike packing adventures. Wilier has partnered with leading companies in the sector such as Miss Grape and SciCon, to offer all riders the best storage solutions. Quick tool free installation thanks to the rubber straps and the Roller 2.1 ™ saddle clamp.

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Lighting and position devices are indispensable and mandatory by law at sunrise, sunset and for your night rides. Lightweight, compact, easily rechargeable but powerful lights, to be installed on the frame and helmet to give you maximum visibility, wherever you ride. To see and be seen.

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Sharing the pleasure of fatigue, up to that last drop of water at the bottom of the bottle. The water bottle has always been a classic cycling accessory since that epic bottle exchange between Coppi and Bartali. In this day and age aluminum is no longer used, having been replaced by steel and BPA-free plastic. Bottles and bottle cages with classic front extraction and loading or side access have been developed in collaboration with Elite.

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Everything that you will need to carry out quick repairs. Don't get caught out by the unexpected or be fooled by it's size. Four combinations and up to 16 different functions. A minimal accessory, made out of aluminum alloy and with the tyre levers this tool is the accessory that all cyclists need.

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What pedals we fit on our gravel bike largely depends on the type of roads we will be riding. If the ride is fast and smooth and there is no need dismount regularly, then the best choice is standard clipless road pedal. If the trails lead you to cycle touring or bike packing, the choice falls on the standard clipless MTB SPD system, or alternatively hybrid (flat + SPD).

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Gravel bikes

The journey begins with the first pedal stroke. Choose the gravel bike that best suits your needs. From competition to adventure, identifying ones needs and desires becomes fundamental. The souls of a gravel bike are numerous. From competition to long distance, from leisurely rides to that extra boost offered by pedal assisted e-gravel bike.

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Cycling Clothing

Cycling should be a pleasure for all. A collection of jerseys, shorts and accessories designed to pass the days in the saddle. Whatever the conditions. Relaxed and comfortable or close-fitting. Everyone should have the opportunity to see and learn about our world from the saddle of a bicycle.

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